What we do

Talbert GR upholds the highest standards in its representation of clients and provides a straightforward, focused approach to accomplishing clients’ goals in the political environment.

Here are some of our areas of expertise:

Government Relations

Corporate Positioning

Coalitions & Nonprofits

Legislative Lobbying

Legislative Monitoring

Relationship Building


Regulatory Assistance & Monitoring


Assistance in Writing & Amending Legislation

Our Approach


If you aren’t thinking 10 steps ahead, then you are a mile behind. Jill’s grandfather, Col. Joseph A. Kelly, was a highly-decorated fighter pilot in World War II. Everything he taught her was through the lens of a combat mission; no surprise there since he flew a total of 92 combat missions. When she was learning to drive, the Col. and Jill’s father would constantly remind her to drive defensively and always anticipate the next move from other drivers. This life lesson has proven to be a crucial skill for Talbert GR’s continued success in over a decade of lobbying. If you are not anticipating the next move, then you are not in the driver’s seat.


Success for your company involves strategic advocacy that helps to shape public policy, rather than merely reacting to it. Working smartly and having the vital judgment to gauge when something requires all-hands-on-deck advocacy or a more subtle approach is what we do best. Strategy is what we enjoy most about lobbying and it shows.


Talbert GR prides itself on being straightforward, honest communicators. There is no guessing where things stand when interacting with us. Legislators appreciate this and so do our clients. Reputations are either built on honesty and trust, or lost by lacking such attributes. Straightforward communication is crucial when navigating clients through a process that can be cumbersome and nuanced.

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